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    The Friends of the Maasai

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    White Mountain Movement

    The White Mountain Movement project restores land and livelihood in the Maasai habitat around Mt. Kilimanjaro - White Mountain, Oldonya Oibor in Maasai language - in Kenya and Tanzania, through generating unprecedented collaboration between the Maasai people and other key parties.

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    We walk through Maasailand to connect people with nature, communities, and culture. Walking nurtures our minds to solve local and global challenges. Join the next walk in October 2019.

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    Maasai Climate Walk

    In 2020 a group of 10 Maasai walk for a week through the Netherlands to raise awareness for the impact of climate change on indigenous people.

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    Water Project

    Experts concluded that a dam would be the best way to provide water for the Maasai communities. We co-create the solutions and implement it together.

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    Drought relief

    A severe drought is hitting the Maasai communities. Together we find and give support for cattle and people to survive.


    Climate change becomes climate disruption. As a semi-nomadic tribe, the Maasai communities in Kenya and Tanzania are incredibly vulnerable. Due to the longest and toughest drought in the memory of the Maasai people, we want to secure the future for the Maasai generations by understanding and strategically and creatively responding to everyday challenges. We also want to generate a culture of peace by showcasing, sharing, presenting and promoting the best aspects of the Maasai world-view.


    The Friends of the Maasai Foundation is working in close collaboration with the Maasai communities and cultural ambassador Ezekiel Ole Katato. Together with the Maasai communities, we co-create solutions for everyday challenges.


    In collaboration with Olakira Le Maa, the local organization in Kenya, we work to identify and develop practical solutions for the challenges facing the Maasai, while engaging in the sort of cultural encounters, strengths and opportunities available with the Maasai that build communities and strengthen our human bonds.

    1. Finding support from companies, foundations, and individuals to secure a sustainable future for the Maasai.
    2. Finding and sharing quick interventions that can support the Maasai communities to keep water in their ecosystem.
    3. Collaborating with a wide range of experts and organizations to implement long-term solutions for integrated ecosystem restoration that is safeguarding a future with more and longer droughts (see White Mountain project).
  • Profiles

    The Board and Advisory Board

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    Willem Lageweg


    Willem has a strong relationship with sustainability, with food and agriculture and with empowerment of people throughout his career, both in the Netherlands and in Kenya.

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    Stefan Schuwer


    Stefan has a strong connection with the Maasai since he participated in the Maasaiwalk in 2015. He has experience in supporting sustainable communities and likes to use this experience for the Maasai.

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    Etienne Spierts


    Etienne has a passion for tackling inequality and diversity challenges in the Netherlands and abroad.

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    Ezekiel Ole Katato

    Advisory Board

    Ezekiel is cultural ambassador of the Maasai and Chairman of Olakira le Maa. Read more about him and the organization here.

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    Karin Boomsma


    As a strong believer of holistic ecosystems – I am pleased to be an Ambassador for Friends of the Maasai. Culturally the Maasai community is part and parcel of nature.

    In this day and age we can learn, exchange and empower them to develop a healthy, future proof harmony with their surroundings in a changing world.


    Karin Boomsma – Director Sustainable Inclusive Business – Kenya (under KEPSA).

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    Frans Makken


    Frans Makken was the ambassador of the Netherlands in Kenya. While he is officially retired, he is still active as a board member of the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (London, Washington and The Hague).

    He's excited to contribute to a sustainable future for the Maasai.
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