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Multiple Crisis

Corona and the Maasai

I am right now seated under a tree outside my manyatta writing this email. Members of the community keep interrupting me as they come to seek help and information from me.


Because of the coronavirus the situation in the community is that of anxiety, uncertainty and desperation. People are very worried that the virus might increase and this will overwhelm our weak health care systems. Shutting the markets and small businesses has totally destroyed the local economy. People depend on selling their livestock at markets which is not possible anymore. This means they don’t have money to buy food and other supplies.

Another big problem is that very many of our goats have died and the remaining are still dying because of a severe outbreak of a disease called Contagious Caprine Pluro Pneumonia {CCPP}. This is affecting everyone in the village. People have no alternative but to eat the dying goats and sheep which poses a big danger of getting infected. The situation in our community is urgent. Hunger is arriving in our community.


Because of this multiple crisis we reach out to our friends abroad. We kindly request them for help.


Ezekiel Ole Katato


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