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Grateful for international support

Dear friends of the Maasai,

We had some little rain two weeks ago. The rain covered a small area and people have moved there with their livestock already. We did our latest food distribution on Saturday. Food prices have also gone up especially Maize flour which is the staple food for many people. But we were still able to provide some food to people.

Some elders told me that many people now have a sense of belonging and even with the hard times, they now know that they will eventually emerge even stronger. When I started the distribution, my initial target was to cover an area approximately 100 square kilometers but word has spread fast and wide and people from as far as 200 kilometers away were also joining. People in villages have been talking very positively about the distribution and some visit my Manyatta just to say thank you. The community highly values and appreciate the food at this time of great difficulty.

I appreciate all the efforts of the whole team and all supporters and I believe in the success and achievements we have already made. To me and my community, this is truly remarkable.



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