• Two disasters hit the Maasai: Corona and a deadly goat/ sheep virus.

    You make the difference. Support a family in their basic needs for 10 days.

  • An urgent call

    We all know the courageous and colorful Maasai in Kenia and Tanzania. Many who have visited eastern Africa, received a warm welcome by these traditional residents with their characteristic clothing, vocals, and dance. These people are hit hard by all measures to combat the Coronavirus. To make matters even worse, a very lethal virus rules that rapidly kills their goats and sheep (CCPP). This has a major impact on the existence of the Maasai.

    The Maasai are left emptyhanded, with theirbacks up against the wall.

    Because of the Corona-virus, the markets are closed (lockdown). Result: no trade, no income, no food. Famine is on the verge. Because of the CCPP-virus more than 80% ofthe goats and sheep has already died, eliminating themost important source of income and food. Lacking alternatives, the people eat the (sick!) animals, therebyrisking to become sick themselves.

    Your support is needed right now.

    Your support is essential right now! Help these beautiful people in these difficult times. For just € 20 you already support a family with the most basic needs up to 10 days. To cover the most essential help in the coming months we require an amount of € 20,000. How many families can count on your support? We, the board of Friends of the Maasai, together with Maasai elder Ezekiel Ole Katato, will ensure that your donation goes directly to the Maasai in his community.


    Thank you very much, on behalf of Ezekiel and his community.


    Board Friends of the Maasai,

    Willem Lageweg, Stefan Schuwer and Wim Schreuder Goedheijt

  • How many families do you want to support?

    For only € 20 you support a family for 10 days in their basic needs.

    Update: €12.000+ raised within a month

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  • Thank you for your support!

    Maasai COVID-19 Relief

    Food distribution

    The first batch of food is distributed to over 500 people.

    Food distribution

    Thank you for your support

    Food distribution

    Thank you for your support

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