To secure a sustainable future for Maasai generations.


    Olakira Le Maa is a local organization in Kenya started and managed by the Masaai community. Given the numerous challenges to the Masaai - change in weather patterns, cultural erosion and environmental degradation, the Masaai now engage in innovative strategies and seek to inculcate a sense and cultural solutions by gaining access to knowledge and skills available elsewhere to address the challenges.
    Olakira Le Maa is managed by a joint team of 5 board Directors who provide guidance, make decisions and develop policies for the organization. The day to day operations of the organization is run by Ezekiel Ole Katato, assisted by other workers with a wide range of expertise including accounting, ICT, and Community Based Development.
  • About Ezekiel

    My name is Ezekiel Ole Katato, a Maasai elder, culture and peace ambassador. I
    grew up in the village as a herd’s boy, looking after my father’s livestock and
    enjoying nature. My life as a herd’s boy was experiential and humbling - herding
    livestock, mingling with wildlife, hunting with friends and watching from the
    magnificent view-points on the hills that stretches to the horizon into the Republic of
    Tanzania. I also enjoyed listening to stories from grandparents that were at times
    interrupted by roaring lions - shaking pots, plates and spoons in the whole Manyatta.
    Mother Nature offers incredible experiences that are beyond imagination. I would like
    to share a few that are still remarkable to me.

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