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    Activities Coordinated by the Friends of the Maasai

    White Mountain Movement

    Restoring land and livelihood

    The White Mountain Movement project restores land and livelihood in the Maasai habitat around Mt. Kilimanjaro - White Mountain, Oldonya Oibor in Maasai language in Kenya and Tanzania, through generating unprecedented collaboration between the Maasai people and other key parties. Read more in our blog.

    Water Project

    Building a dam to save water

    With the water project, friends from the Netherlands have been working for three years to find a solution for the water problems. This has been largely done Experts from SamSam Water concluded that a dam would be the best solution to easily catch rainwater. Local people will construct it in collaboration with experts.



    Masterpeace organizes walks through Maasailand to encourage a cross-fertilization of cultures and provide an opportunity for people to connect with nature, culture, and communities. The walks started in 2014 in collaboration with MasterPeace. The 5th walk edition will take place in May 2019. MasterPeace will organize about 30 people from Holland to join about 30 young Maasai warriors and women to walk, learn, share, connect, imagine and exchange ideas on personal, cultural and environmental issues and suggest sustainable mitigation strategies to protect nature.

    Drought Relief

    Short-term support for food and water

    Last year the Maasai faced the worst drought in the memory of the Maasai people. Over 50% of the livestock died and the situation is only getting worse. As Friends of the Maasai, we provided money for food and water. Read more about the drought relief campaign on the support page.

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